Family business
For five generations

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Mertens SPRL – BVBA

The Mertens goldsmith workshop, from father to son

The Mertens family welcomes you to its goldsmith workshop in Brussels.

For four generations, this goldsmith workshop has worked wonders on your valuables. Craftingrestoring and performing minor repairs, the Mertens workshop serve private customers, antique dealers and jewellers, professionals and amateurs of objets d’art.

For nearly a century, this renowned family business has captured people’s imagination, with each successive generation consolidating its reputation. It has now been granted an official Royal Warrant, as purveyors to the Belgian court. No further proof is needed of its skill and savoir-faire!

You will find below a brief description of the lines of business we are competent in. We work carefully, with an eye for detail, performing gold-plating and silver-plating on objets d'art, objects of worship and precious items, as well as:

  • Nickel plating, copper plating and electroplating on the surface of your objects.
  • Metal polishing.
  • Lacquering.
  • Applying patina to bronze.
  • Tinning, i.e. applying tin to metal surfaces: this is mainly used for pans and other kitchenware
  • Restoring knives with old or new blades.
  • Dent repair, straightening and flattening of all non-ferrous metals.
  • Chiselling drawings into metal.
  • Latticework, piercing holes in the metal to let light filter through.
  • Welding with silver or tin, on all objects

Michel and Thierry Mertens, goldsmiths from father to son, deploy a delicate sense of precision, to design, redesign and transform your most precious objects in gold, silver, brass and NICKEL SILVER.

No need to wait to have us craft the object of your dreams or give it a second life: ask for a custom estimate now.


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