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On top of the skills required to craft or repair various objects made from precious metals, for worship, home use, in furnishings or tableware, the Mertens family can improve the aesthetic integrity of your objets d'art and buildings using restoring techniques.

Please see below a list of decorative metal objects that we can restore:

  • church ornamentation.
  • tableware: cutlery, services,
  • heirlooms, for which we apply the art of silver welding.
  • jewellery and watches.
  • decorative elements: lights, grandfather clocks, chandeliers,
  • furnishings.
  • Etc.

Religious artefacts in gold and copper, a world of worship

Restoration requires great patience, meticulousness and in-depth knowledge of the techniques to  be applied. For five generation, the Mertens workshop has honed the art of restoring religious artefacts:

  • Chalices and monstrances,
  • Tabernacles, baptismal fonts, chandeliers, censers,
  • Other items according to your plans or models.
  • Etc.

Should you need any further information or wish to request a custom estimate, please go to our contact page.


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